External access

If you are using VPN you don't need to create a second profile. The receiver should be accessible using the internal IP adress. If not, check your VPN settings. Maybe you also need to enable access in OpenWebif settings for VPN.

If you want to stream over the internet, you need the premium version and create a second profile in settings.

To access the receiver, it must be reachable from the internet. As IP addresses may change, you should use a dynamic DNS provider like dyndns.org or twodns.de).

Follow these steps to setup the connection:

  • Setup dynamic hostname and make sure it is refreshed if your IP adress changes. Most routers support this by default. (E.g. test.dyndns.org)
  • You also need to open the ports in the firewall of your router. You need to open the port for the webinterface, the streaming and transcoding (optional):
    • If your receiver is available at this internal IP address and https enabled (recommended), enable the port forwarding of your router like this: 
    • Incoming port 8043 (because port 443 may be used by the router webinterface)
    • To receiver port 443 (if HTTPS enabled and port 443 is used)
    • The same should be done to port 8001 for streaming and port 8002 if transcoding should be used
    • You should test the connection by trying to open the webinterface using a webbrowser, e.g. https://test.dynvpn.de:443
    • Example configuration, using a Fritzbox router:
      • Name Enigma2
      • Protocol: TCP
      • from Port: 8043 toPort 8043
      • to Computer VUSolo4K
      • to Port: 443
  • Please create a second profile in the app and use the dynamic hostname as hostname and external port (e.g. 8043) as webinterface port.
  • Please be aware that streaming over the internet could be slow, so think about using transcoding
  • Transcoding: If the tuner is blocked after switching to another channel: This is a bug in the OpenWebIf Plugin. Please update it.
  • If you get the error message: IP address rejected, use username/password and HTTPS.
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