If streaming is not working, please check:

  1. Streaming channels
    • Make sure streaming is working in your local network first. Make sure you didn't change the default port 8001 which is used for streaming live channels. Port 8002 is used for transcoding and should only be used if you enabled transcoding. In the local network, transcoding should not be used because even HD channels should work perfect without transcoding.
    • If the error message tells you that there are not enough free tuners, please make sure there are enough free tuners available. If your receiver has 2 tuners, you should be able to watch 2 different channels, recordings and streaming. If your receiver is switched on and displaying a channel on TV and recording another program, streaming may fail. This is not a problem of the app but a technical limitation of your receiver.
    • If your receiver has only 1 tuner, you can enable the option 'zap before' to switch the channel on the receiver before streaming.
  2. Streaming recordings
    • Streaming of recordings is done over the port of your webinterface. This is port 80 by default and should only be changed if you changed the webinterface port. If you use HTTPS, default port is 443.
    • Streaming of recordings does not need a tuner

If the stream is not smooth and has playback problems, check these:

  • Streaming-app: Use the recommended app dream Player
  • Internal network: Depening on your wifi. Check if your wifi signal strength is good. Also make sure not to use 5 GHz wifi
  • External network: Streaming over a cellular connection (e.g. UMTS) might be to slow for HD streams. If your receiver supports transcoding, try using transcoding for the external profile.
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