Technical issues

This is a bug of the webinterface. Try updating to the latest version.

In this case, the time zone of the receiver differs from the Android device. Check the time zone on the receiver in menu - settings - system - time zone.

Compare it to the time zone of your Android device. Important: After changing these settings, you need to delete and update the data. Go to settings - delete data - EPG data in the app and run the setup wizard again.

Please also send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so I can give you feedback about the issue.

The app displays all enigma2 bookmark directories. You can add other directories and subdirectories to display them in the app. Choose Settings - Movies - Manage Recording Paths. Now you can add directories. If FTP is enabled in your profile you can also automatically add all subdirectories.

The app displays 150 channels per bouquet by default. This limitation avoids long loading times. You can change this in settings - EPG - Channel limit.

The default movie directory is wrong. Please set it in settings - movies - default movie dir in the app.

Enigma2 uses in most cases /hdd/movie and /media/hdd/movie. Default in the app is /hdd/movie. If you are using /media/hdd/movie, please change this setting in the app.

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