Usability / Features

You can select multiple elements (e.g. recordings):

Click and hold an entry in the listview. The line will be selected.

Click on other entries to select more. The menu will be reduced because not every action can be executed for multiple elements.

Yes. You can enable VPS in settings. You also need to install the VPS plugin on the receiver. Note: This only works if the channel sends a VPS signal.

Autotimers can be edited and created (requires dream EPG Premium). You need to install the plugin Autotimer on the receiver. You also need Webinterface plugin ( version >= 1.7.1 or OpenWebIf plugin (>= 0.2.9)


You can start your receiver with the menu on the left side if your receiver supports Wake-On-Lan (e.g. VU+ Duo2).

Some services have genre information included (Thriller, Comedy, Series...). dream EPG supports this information


  • OpenWebIf version >= 1.3.5
  • Receiver image supporting genres (e.g. openATV)
  • The service needs to air genre information

After the data update, the genre info should appear. It is displayed in the detail view of a program. You can also sort by genres in single EPG view. Currently it is not supported for recordings. In an upcoming version, search by genre will be added.

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