dream Player IPTV for Android TV / Fire TV


To use this app, you need a list of IPTV channels in M3U format or access to an Xtream server. Please use legal sources to play streams from webcams, media libraries and stations. There are some sources who share lists like KodiNerds or iptv-org.
If you are using a phone or tablet, please use the app dream Player IPTV

Import settings

If you exported your configuration before on this device, you can choose 'Import settings'. After import, please continue the wizard.

Start installation

Click 'Next' to start the setup wizard.

Adding channels using a webbrowser (recommended)

With this option you can easily add a M3U url and/or a EPG url using a webbrowser. As you are only opening a local network address which is displayed when you open this option, none of your data is sent or stored in the cloud (like some other apps do).
Please enter at least a M3U URL (TS-Stream preferred). You can also add an EPG URL. It needs to provide a file in XMLTV format and can be either in .xml, .gz or .xz format. Please don't ask me for M3U URLS or EPG URLS, I don't provide any.

Adding channels using companion app

If you are using the app dream Player IPTV on a phone or tablet, you can use the option 'Use companion app' to import your settings. Choose this option and open the app on the phone or tablet, choose settings, management, Connect Android TV / Fire TV.

Adding channels manually

You can also enter an M3U url like described in option 1 manually.

Adding channels using a local file

If you have a local M3U file, you can import it using this option. Compared to an URL it has the downside that it cannot be automatically updated if channels are changing.

Select groups

Most M3U lists use groups which contain channels. Please only select groups you want to use in the app. Using too much groups and channels will slowdon app usage and EPG update.