dream Player for Android TV / Fire TV


This app requires a satellite/cable receiver running Enigma2/E2 operating system (e.g. dreambox, VU+...). This app is built to run on an Android TV device or Amazon Fire TV device. If you are using a phone or tablet, please use the app dream Player or dream EPG. More details in FAQ.

Import settings

If you exported your configuration before on this device, you can choose 'Import settings'. After import, please continue the wizard.
If you are using the app dream Player or dream EPG on a phone or tablet, you can use the option 'Use companion app' to import your settings.

Start installation

Click 'Next' to start the setup wizard.


In this step, access to your webinterface on the receiver (e.g. OpenWebIf) is configured. Please try to open the webinterface in a webbrowser before using the app. Please make sure the receiver and Android TV are in the same network.

When opening this page all availabe receivers in the network are automatically detected and you can select it. Else click on receiver and enter the local IPv4 IP address of the receiver.
In your local network you should use port 80 and disable https. If your webinterface requires authentication, please enable 'Use login'You can change these settings on your receiver in settings - plugins - OpenWebIf or Webinterface. More details in FAQ.


Click 'Next' to test the your credentials and continue the setup process


You can choose between Streaming and TranscodingPlease use streaming for most use cases. Transcoding should only be used when outside of your local network.

Streaming settings

Please use default settings. Port 8001 should be used for streaming of Live TV and the webinterface port is used for streaming of recordings. This should be 80 or 443 for https. Please prefer port 80 without https. OpenWebIf could freeze when seeking using https.


Click 'Next' to test the your credentials and continue the setup process


You can display channel logos (picons). If you enable download option (default) the channel logos are automatically downloaded. If you want to use the picons from your receiver, enable 'Use picons from receiver'In this case you need to provide login data for your FTP access of your receiver.


Click 'Next' to finish setup wizard.